Starting August 1 we began offering a new free service which builds on our tradition of providing excellent patient care around the clock: after-hours urgent phone calls from parents are answered by expertly trained pediatric nurses at St. Louis Children's Hospital (SLCH), one of the premier pediatric hospitals in the country.

Here's how it works: parents with urgent concerns call 1-314-747-8801. The answering service for SLCH receives the calls. Nurses respond within 30 minutes, sooner if medically necessary.  Advice is given according to detailed pediatric protocols. The nurses contact our doctors on call as needed. Our pediatricians receive records of the contacts with the call center each day so that we can follow up directly with families.

Please note that calls regarding non-urgent and non-medical matters still need to be made to the office during business hours.            

Please let us know how this system works for your family.  We always appreciate your feedback!