How to Get the BEST SERVICE When Using our Phones!

Hints for Getting the Best Telephone Service at BPA

        1. Call when other people are not calling

  • We can almost always see your child on the day that you call about an acute illness so you don’t have to call first thing in the morning when the call volume is the heaviest.
  • Call after 10 AM and before 4 PM Monday through Friday.
  • Avoid calling on Mondays when you can.

2. Use the phone to your advantage

  • Choose the best option from our phone menu:

            1—Talk to a nurse for advice or to schedule a same-day ill appointment.

            2—NEW!  Leave a voicemail to request a medication refill or completion of a form. (You can request medication                         refills through your child's patient portal too.)

            3—Schedule a well check. (You can request one through your child's patient portal too.)

            4—Talk to Dr. Ulbrich’s allergy and asthma nurse.

            5—Talk to the referral secretary.

            6—Contact the accounts department

            7—Hear these options again.

        3. Once you enter our telephone system to talk to a nurse, stay on the line

  • Several nurses are ready to talk to you all day, Monday through Friday (fewer on  Saturday).  Even so, you could wait 5-15 minutes depending on the call volume and the complexity of parents’ concerns. 
  • We allow this queue to have a limited number of callers in it.  If you can’t get in it means a number of people are waiting already.   Try again in a few minutes.

        4. What are other helpful resources?

  • NEW!  Well checks and medication refills can be requested through your patient portal.
  • You will find MANY answers to common questions about the care of sick and well children in our free handbook, “Care of Your Newborn and Young Child” and at our website, is an especially helpful link from the site.
  • Non-medical questions may be asked using the “contact us” form on our website.
  • You may walk in to have your child seen about minor acute illness from 8 AM-9 AM and from 4 PM-5 PM, Monday to Friday.
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital assists our families with their urgent after-hours concerns.  Please call 314-747-8801 to take advantage of this free service.