Is My Child Immunized Adequately?

We are receiving MANY calls each day from concerned parents wondering if their children are immunized adequately. The reasons for the calls: the local outbreak of pertussis ("whooping cough") and the widespread transmission of measles starting with exposures at California's Disneyland.

Please take reassurance from this fact: your child is fully immunized if he or she is enrolled in a licensed daycare, preschool or public school and you have requested no vaccine exemptions. Other children who have kept regular well-child appointments and have followed the vaccination advice of their physicians or the local health departments are fully immunized as well. 

It gives us confidence also to see that the McLean County Health Department has worked with our schools to quickly limit the spread of pertussis. And there have been NO case of measles in our county. Please note that no new vaccine recommendations have been made in our area in response to the recent situations.  

Should you wonder what upcoming vaccines you can anticipate for your children, please refer to these "Parent-Friendly Vaccine Schedules". Meanwhile, you can help protect your child and others by encouraging all of your family members and friends to immunize their children and themselves fully. This helps us all!