Mumps in Bloomington-Normal

Many of you know that there has been a significant outbreak of mumps at the University of Illinois in Urbana.  We now a growing number of confirmed cases in Bloomington-Normal. The McLean County Health Department is following this situation closely and will provide guidance to physicians and the community about ways to minimize the impact of these infections.

Children typicallly receive vaccination against mumps at 1 year of age and again at 4-6 years of age. The vaccine is very effective, giving individuals about 80% protection against infection after the first shot and about 90% protection after the second one. The protective effect is even greater in communities with high levels of vaccination like ours.

Vaccine recommendations: children who are at least 4 years of age and have received one mumps vaccine should receive their second dose as soon as possible. Children from 1-4 years of age who have only one mumps vaccines should receive their second one early if they have had direct exposure to someone with a confirmed case of mumps. A third mumps vaccines is not recommended at this time for those who have had two already or if they have had the illness.

We need to hear from you promptly if your child has had direct contact with someone who has a confirmed case of mumps or if your child has a viral syndrome associated with swelling and discomfort over the jaw and/or temple areas.

This information from Nemours Children's Hospital helps parents and patients know what symptoms suggest the onset of mumps and what actions to take if exposed or if developing such symptoms.

Please feel free to call our office if you have additional questions.