Well Check-ups Are Special!

Your doctors and nurses love well check-ups!  This is our opportunity to inquire more deeply about how your child is growing physically, emotionally and intellectually.  The changes from visit to visit--as you know so well--simply amaze us!

This time allows us also to talk with you about your important but less urgent questions, to look for undetected medical problems (which are more common than you might think) and to share the latest preventive healthcare recommendations.

Almost all parents make regular check-ups priorities during the first years of a child's life but this consistency sometimes wanes. We recommend an annual well visit (well check/sports check--they serve the same purposes) at our office for all child from age 3 onward. If you have gotten out of this habit,  please take time to schedule an appointment through your child's patient portal or call 309-662-0504 today!

FYI some insurance plans only pay for one annual check-up every 366 days; you may want to to check your coverage before you schedule.